1920 * 160


Excellent Whitening, tightening, anti-wrinkle & lifting


Secret application is interlocked with ion regulator and bluetooth system offers differentiated smart beauty life.

First, it is possible to adjust ionzyme and intensity of massage.
Second, this can be used to with hearing built-in healing music.
Third, voice guidance system notifies the state of mask in real time, this can be used through the convenient timer-function shuts regulator down automatically.

1강도 표시 LED (1~8 단계)

2이온자임 조절기 배터리 잔량 표시

3마스크 사용시간

4강도 표시 Bar (1~8 단계)

5전원 On, Off 버튼

6강도조절 [-], [+] 버튼)

7힐링 음악 On, Off 버튼